Sunday, January 12, 2014

What A Year!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
We hope that this new year finds you well and in good form.
 We want to thank all of you once again. Prayer works! People find the Christ they've been looking for, they are healed from the illness that was deemed incurable, and there are many that have been comforted through the prayers of their brothers and sisters in Christ in times of sadness or loss of a loved one.
God is at work. This year, we saw over 100 people saved, and many of them have remained faithful in their Christian walk. It is such an amazing thing to see new believers growing in their faith. Some of those that have accepted Christ have realized and urgency in their lives and that is to get married. We had 2 marriages this year for that reason. It was so wonderful to be apart of these couples joining together.

We introduced our new Pastor, Pastor Romil, to the main church in Despinos. This coming after a very difficult year in 2012. Over the course of the year we have seen more dedication and faithfulness to church, and we are seeing growth in spiritual lives.
As is anywhere, we celebrated new life and mourned the passing of loved ones. Through all of this, we have relied solely on God to keep us going. It is a wonderful thing to have the creator of the world as our back up. We can look to Him in every situation.
Micah 7:7 Therefore I will look unto the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me.
Haiti Gospel Mission is continuing the work here, and we need your help. We need your prayers, we need people to come and be involved, even if only for a short time, and we need financial support as any ministry does.
Over the past 40 years, HGM has entered into the lives of many Haitians all over the country and introduced the Love of Christ to them. With God's help and your support, we will continue to do so. Thank you so much, God Bless, and Happy New Year

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

To the Happy New Couple


After being together for more than 26 years. Rozana and Wilfrid tied the not last Saturday. Rozana accepted Christ into her life in Nov of last year and started praying for Wilfrid. She new living with him was not Biblical and wanted to marry him. They have 5 children together, but Rozana new it was not right to remain as she was before she was saved. Wilfrid had no desire toget married , but was fine with Rozana attending church.
April started doing Bible studies at Rozana's house with Wilfrid present at times. Rozana believed that God would change Wilfrid's heart. Near the end of Feb, God was working and in just one day it seemded, Wilfrid wanted to accept Christ into his life and also desired to get married. It was amazing to see that change, and April almost couldn't believe that change that had occured.
It is so great be apart of this couples life and the new journey they are taking together as Husband and Wife. Please pray for our "Newly Weds". Their marriarge made a profound statement to many who still questioned his conversion. They are a testiment to what God can do when we surrender our lives to Him.



Monday, April 8, 2013

Our Friend Brad Hall

Brad and Michael
The Newly painted Baptismal

Showing how its done

Brad and I painting the Mission office

Rena's house revisited


Very thankful to have had Brad Hall here with us for Easter Weekend. Brad landed on Sat and got right to work. We went to the church and started cleaning out the Baptismal and painting it up to look sharp for our first baptism service in 2013. We had a great time. The last time Brad was here was in 2010 after the earthquake, He was part of a team the cleaned out the school of the brooken down walls and also Aided in helping with Rena's house, but starting the foundation with him. Brad also helped us in pruchasing a vehicle and he also sent it down here to Haiti for us. Part of the Baseball program here is teaching our teens and local kids how to play the game. Brad brought down wiffle balls and a bat and we had such a great time teaching them some of the fundamentals of America's favorite past time. Thank you so much Brad for everything, especially the 2 huge bags of Dunkin Doughnuts Coffe : ) It was a great Easter weekend and it was great getting to share it with our Friend Brad. Thanks also to Bradley Wright, who sent us a bunch of WV gear!1, We will Wear it proudly!!!
Teaching Baseball 101

Easter Baptism

Eater Baptism
We were very excited this past week to have our first Baptism service  before our Easter Sunday service. It was a great moment to see our church members taking the next step in their Christian walk. As many of you know many people are getting saved here, and we know it is because of your prayers and the prayers of our Mission and church here. God is so faithful when we pray with Faith, Believing that God with change hearts and save lives.
We are so thankful for your support. May God Continue to Bless the work here so that we may see many more accept Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour!!
The two men that were Baptised are Renil and Woodly. Please pray for these men as the continue their growth in Faith and Biblical Truths.

Monday, February 4, 2013

God is Working

Yesturday, we saw God working in the morning service. We had 2 visitors stand and introduce themselves. After she was done telling the church this was her first time visit, Darlene said she wanted to ask Christ into her life. It's so amazing to see what God is doing here. After the service the other woman, Manya pulled Pastor Elison aside after the service and said she wanted to burn some of the evil things she had at her house. Praise God!!! We went to her house, laid out the plan of salvation and she burned her clothes used in voodoo ceremonies. Please pray for these 2 woman. And please continue to pray for these that have turned the lives toward God.

Bertha assisting in burning the clothes and object used in voodoo ceremonies
Since Jan 1st, we have had 4 people accept Christ into their lives. God is Working!!
Keep Praying!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just for Julien

Julien Laroche is our school Director here in Despinos. Julien has been with the mission since before April and I came here in 2007. In 2010, Julien took over as Director (Principal) of the school. since then, he has helped the school with being accountable and also has held the Parents resposiblility of their children's education. This school is liscenced because of the hard work Julien has put forth. We appreciate Julien and we have a lot of respect for what he is doing.
Julien is now hoping to furthur his education. He has  been out of school for 3 years and being he has big ideas for the mission school, he wants to better prepare himself for the next steps ahead.
We need your help. As far as education goes, Haiti is very inexpensive capared to American schools. Juien needs $275 to start his schooling and fallowing that we would like to see 10 people commit to a one time $60 commitment. This is the cost of Julienss education per month. Please contact us directly by emailing our secretary Sandra Craft at or Joel Hess at The school year has started but he still has time to enter.Please pray and consider what you can do to help not only our school Director, but our school advance. This is just one more way that we would like to provide the students or HGM with a great education . Friday rhe 30th of Nov, Julien has arranged for 60 of our kids to go to the National Museum in Port-au-Prince. This is a great opporunity many kids never get to learn so much about their history and culture. Within the museum, they have placed one of the anchors from the ships Christopher Columbus sailed on.
As always, we appreciate all of you that are currently supporting HGM and also a great many thanks for all of your prayers. God is helping and we feel your support. God Bless
The HGM Team

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Higher Education

April and her patient
Dr. Elysee gives our Preschoolers a checkup


Michael in his class
Haiti Gospel Mission is raising the bar for Education. This year, as we have done every year, we are adding somthing new, presenting new ideas, and working on getting these kids somthing they cant find other places. The education system here is very difficult, and for these kids to advance on to a secondary school and then possibly to a college, it is a very big challenge. And this challenge is not only one of competence, it is also one of finance. Many people here make just enough to get by and feed their families. Add the burden of paying for education on top of that, and thats why so many of these kids will grow up, starting work at age 12 and 13 to help with their family. We are trying to set these kids up for success.
This year is the first year that we have a complete Primary(Elementary) school. We have 2 preschools, K-5 and grades 1-6. We are keeping a lot of the students here this year that would have otherwise had to look for another school, or possibly not continue at all.
We need your help. We have compitant teachers that we are trying to pay every month. Right now, HGM is trying to complete and start up projects to further not only the school, but the Clinic and Church as well.  Because of so many giving to this work in the 5 and a half years that we have been here, we have more than doubled the teachers pay, and have assited over 20 kids in attending school.
There is still so much more to be done.
This year, we have already had field trip and a visit from a doctor to teach our preschoolers they dont need to be affraid of the clinic when they are sick. We thank God for each of you that give toward this ministry, and we only ask that if you feel you would like to get involved, please contact us and we will be sure to answer and questions you may have. We also appreciate all the prayers that have gone up for us. God Is Working!!!
Our school kids learning about art
Kids working clay at the Artisan Exhibit

Our Preschool teachers enjoying the art fun
Kikeen working on her clay bird